Text Overlays Release & Tutorial

It’s not much of a secret that I love including word art and quotes in my designs.  I really enjoyed using text overlays when designing my newest collection,  Forever Friends.  The layout below was created by Layout Artist, Pat, using Forever Friends, and one of the Forever Friends Quote Overlays.   I love the additional visual interest it creates, and the quote contributes even more to the meaning and intent behind this layout.

pbb14_sd_ForeverFriends_page1 a

I thought you might enjoy having the opportunity to decide upon your own quotes, poems, or phrases, so I have designed my latest CU product with that in mind.

Text Overlays are now available @ SnickerdoodleDesigns     |    theStudio     |     CUDigitals

Offered at an Introductory Savings of 30% through February 28th.

Keep scrolling to read about some creative ways to use the Text Overlays!


Let’s take a look at some fun ways to use these!

In the image below, I have borrowed the base design of one of Pat’s  (CT artist) layouts. I have placed sd_text-overlay8 on a layer over the pink paper, used the Transform tool to angle it to confirm with direction of the paper, and then clipped the text overlay to the pink paper underneath.


To add your own poem, quote, or text, click on the Text Thumbnail in your Layers Panel.  The Text Overlay will change color, so don’t let that alarm you.


Select the Type Tool (The “T” icon in your Tool Box on the left.),  then set the color that you would like to type your text in (text color box in the top menu options). Position your cursor at the far left of the page, and start typing your text.


Once you position your cursor and click on the paper to start typing, the odd color will disappear, and it will be easy to see what you are typing.

Here are some handy tips to try, not necessarily in any special order:

1.  Once you highlight the text, if you would like to change the Font, make your choice in the top menu bar, just like you normally would.  You may also change font size if you wish.  Be aware that changing the font size to a smaller font, will affect the overall page coverage of the overlay.  If this happens, just type your text, duplicate the layer, and move the duplicate layer down on your page to cover any empty space that was created by the reduction of the text size.

2. Capitalize certain words for emphasis.  Some fonts work better for this than others, because of their innate design.  Experiment and see what works best for you.

3. Change the opacity and/or blending modes of the text to create different looks.

4. If you would like white text, add an Invert Adjustment Over on a layer above the Text Overlay, then clip the Invert Layer to the Text Layer.  You can read more about Invert Adjustment Layers in my tutorials on:  Invert Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

5. And if you have a favorite overlay, but want just a little less text in one area, activate the mask and brush out the text that you want to remove.  Not sure about masking techniques?  See my tutorial on Working with Layer Masks in Photoshop.

Now you try it!  Here is the base layout I used in this tutorial. Click on the image below to download. Place your favorite Text Overlay on top of the paper, as I did, then just erase  the text that might lay on top of the elements.

Don’t forget this Quickpage was created with papers and elements from Forever Friends, so if you have that Collection, this will be a nice addition to it! If you don’t, you may wish to take advantage of the Forever Friends Introductory savings of 30%, which expires February 24th.


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  1. I love this idea thank you so much.

  2. Karen, can these overlay text templates be used in Photoshop 7.0 to change the text? Thank you, Diane

    • Hi Diane
      Any program what will open PSD files will work for these. The templates come in PSD format, and you will just change the text as you would with any text. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you for the ideas and the free template and quick page to try! I love the various textures you added to the text overlay.

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