Caught red-handed. Guilty as charged. Busted! And I’ve got the photos to prove it!

Does this sound like something you might say? Perhaps it’s a nephew you caught with his hand in the cookie jar; or your daughter (or even your son!) getting into mommy’s lipstick.  If you’ve got ‘uh-oh’ and ‘I didn’t do it’ photos, then Busted is the kit for you!

I had the delightful privilege of working with Kimberly  (Kimberkatt) this past week!  When we decided to collaborate on a kit, I immediately threw out the idea of a kit that had been rolling around in my mind.  She immediately agreed, and “Busted” is the result!

“Busted” is packed with elements that will help you document the crimes of your beloved ‘criminals.’ You’ll find fingerprints and handcuffs, jailbirds and policemen, even a mug shot frame! There’s a notepad to record details of the ‘crime,’ and plenty of additional elements to help you decorate your page. Whether they got away with it, or were Busted, enter it all into evidence with a fun and memorable scrapbook page.

Kit Inspiration:  When my son, Brian, was not quite 2 years old, I found myself thinking that he was being just a little too quiet, which generally meant trouble.  I walked quietly down the hall to see what he was up to, and was quite startled by what I saw. He had crawled up onto the bathroom counter and was sitting there quite contentedly, with my lipstick tube in one hand, lipstick all over the index finger of his other hand, and lipstick smears on his face, arms, and tummy.   I quietly backed away, grabbed my camera, and returned to capture this photo of his exploration.  It has turned into one of my favorite memories of those precious times when he was so little.

Jill, one of the newest members of the Snickerdoodle Creative Team, was gracious enough to scrap this photo for me, using Busted.

I have to say the next years of Brian’s life were filled with moments like that.  Take a look at the little fellow in the 2nd layout below… the little guy crawling out of the clothes dryer (framed by the Wanted poster).  Uhhmmm.. .. yes, that is Brian too.  Although I think in that moment, I was the one “busted” for taking just a little too long to put away the freshly dried and folded clothes…. and leaving the dryer door down. Ooops!

You can find Busted, and all of the coordinating goodies, currently on sale for 30% off.  Or pick up the Collection at a 57% savings!

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And for your inspiration!

Relive the hilarity of those special “busted” moments as your scrap your treasured memories!

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  1. Oh my gosh, so many would have loads of pictures that this Busted collection would be awesome to use. How I love your photos of your son. You are just so on top of it to first capture it for a photo then worry about cleaning up. How I wish I had captured my little granddaughter’s decorating my living room to make it more beautiful with her green marking pen–that photo would have been priceless. Instead of a photo first I rushed to clean up before the green dried too much and would never come out. Darn it! Will remember camera first then clean up. Thanks so very much for this awesome gift. I love it — love Busted.

  2. awesome kit! thanks so much for the terrific frame!

  3. Oh my goodness! That photo is absolutely priceless. That could have been MY son at that age! Definitely a “Kodak moment” – and when you are old like me, you will totally treasure that photo! My daughter was the compliant one, but my son… well, i could just plop him into that photo… He wasn’t a bad boy, just “busy” and inquisitive, and… yeah, busy, always busy. “Busted” was certainly the perfect kit to scrap his exploits! My son told me a few years ago (now that he’s past 40, that as a very small child, he knew there would be consequences to his actions, but if he wanted to do it, he would and take the consequences. i have to say though, that when i imposed them, he never once said, “That’s not fair!” He took the consequences with a stoicism beyond his years! Enjoy that lad – he’ll make your life interesting! Mine certainly did!

  4. I had to laugh. It must be the name Brian. He’s my younger son and the LEO now. Gotta get this kit.

  5. This is super cute Karen !!!! Have soooo many pics that would suit this kit…LOL Thanks for the super cute cluster :)

  6. Oh, Karen, you have no mercy to my addiction this month, only sale that couldn’t be miss, I just now bought “All Wrapped Up”, but my wishlist grown up, not gone smaller :) .
    “BUSTED!!!!” is so funny! All my children have a paws, so they often make small “crimes” ;) .
    Also I like last sentence in your newsletter, that even isn’t necessary photos to create scrapbook page!

  7. I had so much fun working with this fantastic kit!! I certainly have my share of “Gotcha” photos and can’t wait to scrap them!!!

  8. what a great kit and like most others I have plenty of pics to use,many similar ones with my children and grand children alike I even have one of my great granddaughter that fits the bill and thank you for the great freebie

  9. Great kit! Thanks for the neat gift!

  10. OMG! Been there! GD painted herself head to toe with black paint because she wanted to look like her best friend. Awesome kit, thanks for sharing the cluster. Off to pick up the kit.

  11. Fun page. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for sharing these cluster freebies. I have just come over from kimberkattscraps and this is my first visit. I picked up a bunch of your freebies today.All your freebies are great!Bless you, your time, hard work and your amazing talent.
    Keep up the fabulous work.I wish you many more creative years of inspiration!!
    hope you have a marvelous day .sending hugs across the miles

  13. fl_connie says:

    So adorable! Thanks, Karen!

  14. thanks for this cute cluster- love the kit!


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