Do you have trouble keeping your digital supplies organized?

This Monday, October 5, 2015, I will be the Guest Instructor at NAODS (National Association of Digital Scrapbookers), where we will be looking at some great ways to use ACDSee to organize our digital supplies.

This is a NAODS Members Only LIVE webinar; however, Michelle (owner and operator of NAODS) also offers this as a paid class for non-members ($15), OR you can enroll in her 10-day FREE  Trial Membership now, in order to be able to attend the LIVE webinar on Monday.

The LIVE Webinar is recorded, so if you have a schedule conflict, you can always watch the class at your leisure in the Membership Area.

If you do register for the FREE trial Membership, just be sure to also register for Monday’s class.

If you not not familiar with ACDSee, and would like to familiarize yourself with it before then, or at least take a look at it, here’s a link for you.  It says “Buy Now” but you don’t have to! Just look!


I hope to “see” you Monday!


House Rules! And Challenge Freebie!

Every quarter the designers at theStudio come together to create an amazing Coordinated Collection!  We are all given the same color palette and the same “theme,” to interpret in our own way.  The theme this quarter is “family.”

Each product in the Coordinated Collection is just $1 for the first 2 weeks in October (thru 10/15). This is a GREAT time to pick up some quality products at rock-bottom prices, try out a new designer’s style with little financial investment, or stock up on products that you are sure to use over and over again!

My contribution to the overall collection is called, “House Rules.”

“I personally subscribe to the belief that ‘normal’ is just a setting on the dryer.” – Jodi Picoult

Every family has their own “normal,” just like every family has their own set of rules, or guidelines.  “House Rules” was created to celebrate every family’s similarities, as well as their differences.

  sd-house-rules-ep-600pv    sd-house-rules-pp-600pv sd-house-rules-pp-zoom1-600pvsd-house-rules-cood-pp-600pvsd-house-rules-alpha-600pvsd-house-rules-glitter-600pvsd-house-rules-clust-600pvsd-house-rules-jc-600pv sd-house-rules-sign-600pv

And here is some inspiration from my Creative Team!








Join in the Surprise Me Border Challenge at theStudio and earn, with your participation,  this adorable House Rules Freebie – a cluster and stacked paper!

Thanks to Norma, a member of my Creative Team, for this adorable freebie!


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Grand Opening at The Digichick!

I am very pleased and privileged to be joining the amazing design team at The Digichick.  The owner, Kim, (Kimeric Kreations) is a wonderful leader, who has assembled an extremely knowledgeable team of forum leaders, a fabulous Creative Team, and a design team that offers a great variety of quality products.  Register in the forum for some great conversation, tips, tricks, and general fun!

Sign up to receive The Digichick newsletter to stay up-to-date with all of the Chick information, new products, challenges, sales….. you get the idea!

Visit my TDC store and enjoy a 40-57% savings through October 8th!
As part of my Grand Opening, I am offering one of my most popular collections, Scenic Route, at a 77% savings for the entire month of October – at The Digichick only!
That is just $10 for this Collection of 12 Scenic Route products!
Also, if you join in the Use It All Challenge you will receive a free Scenic Route mini kit!

Jill, of Created by Jill, is also opening today at TDC.  We put our heads together and each designed a mini-kit celebrating “Today!”  Our design styles are very different, but you will see based upon the layouts of our creative teams, how beautifully these mini’s work together.

Enjoy a 50% savings on each of our mini’s now through October 7th.
(That’s just $1.99 each!)
“Today” by SnickerdoodleDesigns
“Today” by Created by Jill




I was truly amazed at the variety – and shear of number – of layouts that were created using these mini-kits!  The design styles of these 2 kits are completely different, yet they worked beautifully together!  Take a look!!



Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope to see you over at The Digichick soon!


Farm Brushes and Stamps! And a Freebie!


I LOVE using newsprint overlays and graphics in layouts.  Blended into a background, they can add so much character and visual interest!

Norma demonstrated this for us today, using Farm Fresh.  She first created a layout without the use of the Farm Brushes and Stamps.  Here is that layout.


It’s beautiful as it is!  But then she created a second version incorporating the Farm Brushes and Stamps.  Here is that layout.


It’s a matter of personal preference; but I really love the second layout, where she has created additional interest with the stamps.

Not sure how to use digital stamps?  Just place them on a layer above your background paper (or subject of choice), and experiment with blend modes and/or opacity levels of the stamp.  Add a layer mask to them, to brush away parts that you don’t want, if you like.  You can also color them (Edit > Fill) or even add a style to them if you like!

Farm Brushes and Stamps come with a commercial-use license, but are perfect for the personal-use scrapper as well!

Enjoy a 25% introductory savings on individual packs or consider the Duet pack, which contains both Sets 1 and 2, offered at a 40% savings.

Available at SnickerdoodleDesigns     the Studio     CUDigitals


Farm Brushes and Stamps are the perfect complement to my new Farm Fresh Collection!

Enjoy introductory savings at SnickerdoodleDesigns and theStudio!



Here is a Farm Brush and Stamp for you to experiment with!

Click on the image below to download!


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DIY: Door Desk

This week I finally finished the “construction” of my door-desk-work-space.  I would have finished it sooner, but I decided to put wood planks on the wall behind it first. If you would like to read about how the wall was created, you will find the story here on my blog: DIY: Plank Wall.

So here is how the door-desk came about.  My daughter and I were driving to a friends house, and we saw a big white (heavy!) door sitting on the curb in front of someone’s house.  There wasn’t a free sign on the door, but it was obvious that the owner placed it on the curb for someone, anyone, to take. That’s not uncommon, but still. I felt strange taking something without asking.  So my daughter and I struggled to get the (heavy) door into her car, (where it barely fit!), and I left a note on the homeowner’s front door with my phone number.. just in case “free” was not their intent.

We were down in Orange County, about 5 hours from where we live, so my husband transferred the door from our daughter’s car to our truck, and it made it’s way home with us….. where it sat outside for… well, a little while, as I worked on my wall.

Once the wall was finished, we hauled the door into my craft room. No small feat. I did say this was a heavy door, right?  We placed the door on top of 2 white cabinets I already had (Closet Maid, purchased at Home Depot).  Hmmm… Boring.  I decided the door needed some color, so made 12″ x 12″ quilt squares for each window pane. I tacked them down in the corners with Velcro strips.

Better.  But it still needed something. I loved the rusty metal hinges on the door, and wanted to utilize them.  I bought a 1″ x 4″ piece of wood, the length of the door, and painted it white. I attached the hinges to that, creating a back board.

I had been on the search for a glass manufacturer who could provide a custom-sized glass top for me at a reasonable price.  After months of searching, I was successful, and picked up the glass this week.

Finally. Done.

Free Door + 2 cabinets I already owned + $4 for the backboard wood + $145 for the glass = one work counter top that I love.

Now to tackle the rest of the room!