Freebie: Thanksgiving Stamp

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If you’re unsure how to work with Stamps, check out the Saturday tutorial:  PNG vs. ABR files – Which should you use?


Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, filled with wonderful family times, good friends, relaxation.. and of course, a yummy meal!

Tutorial: PNG vs. ABR files – Which should you use?

I love Photoshop brushes because they offer so much versatility. Today let’s take a closer look at them.

Many designers, when creating brushes (ABR files) will also include the “stamped brushes” in PNG format. So when you purchase a product that comes with both PNG files and ABR files, which should you use?    Let’s look at different ways to use both formats, then you can decide what works best for you.

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Oven Lovin’ and a Freebie

Some women love to bake yummy goodies and cook delicious meals. I’m not one of them. My mother-in-law, Fran, was. She expressed her love for her family and friends by frequently presenting them with a plate full of freshly-baked cookies or candy, or by inviting them over for their favorite meal.

Within our families, we all have our “spot,”  the thing we are best known for.   Fran was the “baker” of the family. Not just our immediate family, but extended family as well.  There was no limit to the word “family” to Fran. Whether you were a “blood relative” or were the friend of a family member, you were family to her.  She was just that way.

We lost Fran to Alzheimer’s a year ago. After her Life Celebration Service, we had a large banquet for all the guests attending.  There were tables laden with pictures of Fran, along with things that were special to her. There were guests who shared lovely memories with us.  But the thing that touched me most was this……..

There was a long buffet table, and as we walked the length of the table, plates in hand, we were served a wonderful  meal to enjoy.  And there, at the end of the buffet table, stood one of Fran’s nephews.  His favorite candy is divinity, without nuts.  That is a difficult candy to make.  Sometimes Fran would have to make 2 or 3 batches before she was satisfied with the results.  But whenever she saw her nephew, Danny, she was certain to have a tin full of divinity for him to take home. And on this day, Danny had made some for her.  He waited for guest to pass by, and when they did, he placed a small piece of the divinity that he had made, in remembrance of his Aunt Fran, on their plate.  His way of saying, “I love you” to her, just like it was her way of saying the same.

I inherited many of Fran’s baking utensils, as well as her recipe box, full of handwritten recipes.  These items, as well as Fran’s love of the kitchen and her family and friends, served as inspiration for Oven Lovin.’


Do you know someone who loves to bake?  Is it you?  Have you been on the receiving end of someone’s gifts of love from the kitchen? Oven Lovin’ comes with 19 unique papers and 105 unique elements, enough to create a wide variety of layouts.  If you like to have pre-made add-ons to make your layouts go together more quickly, I have multiple products to help.

Oven Lovin’ is available at SnickerdoodleDesigns and theStudio.

Enjoy an introductory savings of 20% of individual products through December 9th, or enjoy a 57% savings with the purchase of the Collection.









Here is some inspiration from my amazing Creative Team! I love the varied interpretations of this kit, showing not only baking and kitchen activities, but also families sharing good times together!


The green bowl in Oven Lovin’ was my Mother’s; she used to make Snickerdoodle cookies for me in that bowl!
A few of the smaller utensils are from my kitchen.
With one exception, the rest of the utensils came straight from Fran’s kitchen.
You can see many of them on the Hoosier, that is in my kitchen.


Here is a cluster, created for you by DeLoris, to help you get started on your own scrapbook pages or projects.

Click on the image below to download.


Thank you for coming by today.  I wish you many happy memories of those you love.


New! Handpainted Christmas and Freebie!

I have a background in tole painting.  I used to teach the craft both in my home and in the local craft store.

My projects would start with a trip to the local lumber store, where I would spend hours selecting just the right pieces of wood for my projects.  I would haul the wood home and stack it neatly in the wood shop that my father built for me.  I would spend hours cutting patterns with my scroll saw, sanding down the edges, drilling holes – doing all of the prep work required before I could actually paint a design on the wood.  This was all as much of the creative process as was the painting itself.

One of the things that I really enjoyed painting were holiday crafts, both for myself, for my friends, and for a local craft store.

If you follow my blog or newsletter, you know that my husband I have recently moved.  In our new home, I have the perfect area for holiday displays in my kitchen.  I have enjoyed getting my handpainted crafts out of their boxes and setting up holiday displays once again.  As I was getting my Halloween holiday display ready, I thought how fun it would be to have these elements in digital format. I got out my camera and set to work!

Last month I released Handpainted Halloween and Handpainted Thanksgiving.  I now have released Handpainted Christmas Friends, Nativity, Angels, and Mr. and Mrs. Santa.

Available at SnickerdoodleDesigns    |    theStudio CU     |     CUDigitals

Enjoy a 20% savings on individual products or a 50% savings on the entire Collection!

All of the handpainted elements comes with a commercial use license; however, they are perfect for the personal use scrapper as well.  They can be a great complement to any Christmas kit that you already own or purchase.  Use them on your Christmas greeting cards, party flyers and invitations, gift tags, and bookmarks.  Use them to create unique placemats for your children or grandchildren by laminating your finished design.  The list is endless!





Here is a Handpainted Christmas sign to help you get started with your holiday scrapping!

Click on the image below for an immediate download!


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Great Gift idea!


I love making gifts for the special  people in my life.  One of my favorite things to do is create themed albums.

When our grandson, Tyler, was 7, he spent every Tuesday of his summer vacation with us.  We called it “Tuesdays with Tyler.” At the end of the summer,  I created an album for him “How I spent my summer vacation,” which had pictures and journaling about all of the activities we did.

Our son is named Brian. Every year on his birthday, we would tell him the story of his Dad and I going to the hospital to have him; about how we called his grandparents to stay with his sister while we were gone, how we stopped at a friend’s house to tell them we were on the way to the hospital.. all of those little details.  We called our yearly recitation “The Story of Brian.”  We have that in an album as well.

I made an album for our granddaughter, Emily, for her 4th birthday.   Now you have to understand that at 4, Emily thought she was a princess. A REAL princess.  It was adorable at 2, very cute at 3, but at 4 we wanted to stress with her that being a “real princess” is about being kind and generous, tender-hearted and loving.  And so I created an album for her which I called, “The ABC’s of Becoming a Princess.”  In that book, I thought of one  positive word to match every letter of the alphabet, found a quote to illustrate that word, and then located a picture that told a story.


It wasn’t uncommon to find Emily with her pacifier in her mouth, holding a bottle.  She just couldn’t decide what she wanted.  The quote:  “As simple as it sounds, we all must try to be the best person we can be, by making the best CHOICES.”

Emily also could have quite the pouty face when things didn’t go her way.  “D is for Difficulty:  Most things get better by themselves.  Most things, in fact, are better by morning.”

I loved this book!  Emily loved this book!  Her mother loved the book!  And the awesome thing about creating a digital album is that I could get 3 prints of it, without having to create it 3 times!  One book for Emily to read, and one for both her Mom and for me!

I wanted to offer you all a simple way to create such a book and so the ABC’s of Life Collection was born.  This product line consisted of 6 individual products which included background papers, quotes, tags, quick  page templates, an alpha, and positive word phrases.  Many of you created your own special albums and shared links to your books. I loved seeing them!

Recently I retired this particular product line.  I was asked, however, to bring it back for the holidays,because it provides such a quick way to make a personal gift.   I was happy to do that, and thought about how to make the product even easier for you to use – and the ABC Album was born.

The ABC album consists of 26 basic, yet lovely, Quick Pages all ready for you to simply drop a photo into the photo opening and be done!

If you would like to embellish the Quick Page with elements from your favorite kits, it would be simple to do.  You could also use pre-made clusters that you already have in your digital scrap kit collection. The beauty of the Album, however, is that you don’t have to do that unless you want to.  It is ready to use as-is.

The ABC Album is provided as a single product. However, I have also included it in the entire ABC’s of Life Collection as a Free-With-Purchase item.

Because the Collection consists of all of the individual products, you can very easily create your own pages if you like, using the Quick Page as a visual reference.

I’ve provided as many choices as I can, and tried it make it as easy as possible.  Now it’s up to you!  Who do you have in your life that you would like to surprise with a special gift?  Decide upon your own quotes, or use the quotes provided.  Select your photos, then put together your album in just a few hours.  Upload to your favorite print site, sit back and wait for it to arrive, then enjoy the look of joy on the face of the recipient of your gift!

The ABC’s of Life Album and the ABC’s of Life Collection and Free-With-Purchase Album are available at

SnickerdoodleDesigns and theStudio



 I hope you are inspired by this Collection and enjoy using it!


You can take no credit for beauty at 4.
But if you are beautiful at fifty,
it will be your soul’s own doing.