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I am in the mood for Spring Cleaning! The Retirement Room at SnickerdoodleDesigns by Karen is open again!

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How to Easily Recolor an Object in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Tutorial

Last week we explored Creating a Custom Color Palette.  I hope you have had fun this week exploring that technique.  Today we are going to explore how to easily recolor an object.

As with most things in Photoshop, there are multiple ways to accomplish one goal.  Today I am going to explore just one of the many ways to recolor objects.




What makes your heart sing? (And a freebie!)

What makes your heart sing? The smile of a loved one? The tender touch of a friend? An incredible part of nature? A certain Season? Or maybe something as simple as a sunny day, a song on the radio, or a particularly yummy meal! Whatever brings a smile to your face or puts a song in your heart, deserves recognition. Heartsong was created with this in mind.

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Inspiration from my Creative Team!

From Norma:


From Pat:


From Nancy


From Pat


From Nancy:


From Lella:


Buds to Blooms Facebook Hop

As we continue our 5-Year Anniversary Celebrations at Digital Scrapbooking Studio, we are thanking YOU our loyal FANS and CUSTOMERS with a Facebook hop! There are 20+ stops on this hop, all with goodies for you.
To get started at the very beginning of the Hop, go to theStudio’s Facebook page and click on the Buds to Blooms Tab.  You will be able to download Toiny’s contribution there, as well as see the link to your next stop.
If you want to go directly to my Facebook page, you may do so by clicking HERE.
On my Facebook page, you will also find links to the next stop as well… you will just be starting in the middle of the Hop instead of at the very beginning.  But if you continue on,  you will eventually reach all 20 stops!
Here is a preview of my contribution of Buds to Blooms!

Creating a Custom Color Palette in Photoshop

Choosing the “right” kit to scrap a particular photograph can sometimes be a challenge.  The theme of the kit might be perfect for you, but the colors of the kit might not be what you need.  There’s an easy way to fix that! Create a custom color palette from your photograph, and recolor the kit elements as needed.  READ THE REST of this tutorial on theStudio’s blog.