Saving Hard Drive Space

Hard drive space becomes a premium resource as we gather more digital products.  I know I keep seeing my available hard drive space decreasing as I add to my collection of resources.


To determine how much hard drive space you have available, if you are using a PC:

  1.  Click on the Windows logo (lower left corner of your screen)
  2.  Click on “Computer”
  3.  Right click on the drive that you would like to explore
  4.  Go to Properties, and you will see a pop-up window, such as I have shown above.

Here you will be able to determine how much drive space you have used and how much you have available.

In past tutorials we have looked at 2 ways to save hard drive space:

  1. Saving Hard Drive Space by Deleting Hidden Layers
  2. Transparency Utilizes a Lot of Space

Today let’s look at one more way to save hard drive space, and that is by deleting extra file formats that come with a product.

READ THE REST OF THIS TUTORIAL HERE and be sure to download the included It’s a Snap Cluster while you are there!


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NEW! It’s a Snap!

Photography.  What would our hobby, our passion, our scrapbook pages, be without it? Well, yes, we certainly can create scrapbook pages without photographs, and sometimes we have to for a variety of reasons. But, in general, we do use photographs. How many times have you attended an event, gone on a photoshoot, or just snapped pictures in your yard where you have come away with one spectacular shot, maybe 5-10 good shots, and then deleted the rest?  I do that frequently.  When that happens, I like to combine my love of traditional scrapping with pocket scrapping.  The spectacular photo gets highlighted on a traditional page, and the so-so photos that I can’t part with get put into pockets on an opposing page.  When considering the theme of photography, I knew I had to invite Diane (ADB Designs) to collaborate with me on a traditional kit, and Jill (Jilbert’s Bits of bytes) to collaborate on the pocket scrapbooking segment.  Our efforts resulted in “It’s a Snap.”

“It’s a Snap” was designed in warm tones with a vintage flair. It is full of unique realistic elements, elements suited for pocket scrapping, authentic papers and brushes created from a 1902 Sears photography catalog, and oodles of fun design elements to choose from.

It’s a Snap is available at SnickerdoodleDesigns and theStudio.

Take advantage of introductory pricing thrugh April 15th; but as always, save the most with the Collections.













Here is a beautiful border for you, created by Renee, to help you get started with your It’s a Snap pages or projects!

Click on the image below to download.


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Creating 2-Page Digital Scrapbook Page Spreads

I love including 2-page spreads in my scrapbooks.  What is a 2-page spread?  It is the placement of 2 scrapbook pages side by side, that provide an overall cohesive look to a layout.  You might choose to use this technique to showcase a particular theme or perhaps an event, where you have multiple photos to share.

I created this 2-page spread for my son’s album back in 1998.  This is a “theme” oriented spread.  The “theme” of the page is “Cultivate good habits. The bad ones grow like weeds.” Here I was able to showcase multiple photographs of my son being both angelic and mischievous.


Read the rest of this tutorial on theStudio’s blog.  Learn how to create 2-page spreads that are absolutely seamless in their transition!


See you over on theStudio’s blog!

New: Garden Gate and a Freebie

Over the past weeks, I have had the privilege of collaborating with the fabulous designer, Mel Designs.   I love Mel’s style, her fabulous sense of color, and her unique perspective. More often than not, whenever Mel releases a new kit, I look at it and 1) wish I had designed it myself, 2) have the same subject matter in mind for a new kit, or 3) have already started a kit with the theme she is using.  It was a delight to work with Mel,  and I am happy to say that she is as lovely a person as she is a designer.

The result of our collaboration is Garden Gate.  It is full of rustic charm and unique elements (many from my own front yard.)  Garden Gate was designed to remind us to: “Step into the garden, lift your face to the sun, and just breathe.  It will help you remember all that is beautiful and right in the world.” – unknown

Garden Gate was exclusive to theStudio for several weeks as part of their Round Robin challenge; however, you can now find Garden Gate at SnickerdoodleDesigns, and soon, My Memories.

Scroll down to view Garden Gate previews, followed by some inspiration from my Creative Team, and also a free cluster gift to help you get started with your own layouts!













Inspiration from my Creative Team!


And here is a Garden Gate Gift to help you get started on your own layouts!


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Tutorial: Stretching your Digi-Stash with PreMade Borders and Freebie

Over the past month or so, we’ve talked about “repurposing” some of our digital supplies to expand upon their potential use.  In case you missed those posts:

Stretching your Digi-Stash with Premade Borders

Stretching your Digi-Stash with Masks, Part 2

For today’s tutorial, I will be working with Choose Joy, this week’s Round Robin collaboration between Manu Scraps and myself, SnickerdoodleDesigns. If you haven’t joined in the challenge, it’s not too late!  Find the rules here.

Many designers include pre-made clusters in their Kits or Collections.  These make creating a layout so simple and quick!  It’s easy to place a cluster on a background paper, add some journaling, a photo, and be done.  Often times, though, we might not want to reuse that same cluster, in the same way.  Today let’s look at a few different ways to use clusters, and maximize their usage potential!


Be sure to scroll to the bottom of tutorial to pick up this FREE gift from Choose Joy


I hope you find the tutorial helpful!